CL #1079882
CL #1079882

About Us

A collage of personnel working on BESS sites

The Owners and Operators of The REMS Group have a combined 50+ years of proven experience in the electrical transmission and distribution system development, grid engineering, facilities and system-level construction, battery energy storage system development, and telecommunications infrastructure integration. This proven experience constitutes a highly unique and versatile combination of core competencies to provide exemplary site support, maintenance services and construction enhancements for both established and incumbent sector stakeholders in the renewable energy industry.

CEO of The REMS Group Dean Gainor

The company President, Mr. Dean Gainor, has managed several of the largest utility and private transmission and distribution electrical construction projects in the Northern Hemisphere. Most notably of which, was the recently completed Sunrise Powerlink in Southern California that reliably supplies hundreds of megawatts of renewable solar and wind energy to the SDGE and SCE territories. Mr. Gainor has a talent for business development and is very well known throughout the utility industry.

All personnel performing the roles and responsibilities within the company are foundationally managed by our Vice President of Operations, Mr. Jeff Mucha, with the overarching business goal of firmly establishing The REMS Group as a premier customer service provider in each of the departments within the company. Mr. Mucha is chartered with complete oversight of every aspect of the company’s daily operations.
Vice President of Operations Jeff Mucha